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Tax Pros Launches New Refund Anticipation Loan Program for 2017 by partnering with EPS Solutions, LL

Tax Pros has an exciting new way for clients to receive their refunds faster this year. Normally, when a client has a tax refund, they have to wait for the IRS to process the tax refund and return it to them. Normally, this can take up to two weeks if you electronically file your tax return. To provide an added convenience for our clients, Tax Pros is offering "refund anticipation loans" within a day instead of a few weeks.

This year, you will be able to drop off your information, request that your refund be advanced quickly to you, and Tax Pros will prepare the "refund anticipation loan" paperwork the same day, and as long as your application is approved, you will receive a loan on your tax refund as soon as possible. Once your actual refund is processed by the IRS, the loan is paid off.

In addition, clients will be able to have our tax return preparation fee taken out of their tax refund. Clients will be able to come and have their taxes prepared without worrying about writing us a check at the time we prepare the return. Instead, the fee can be taken out of their tax refund.

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